FM17: A Scottish Journey Introduction

My confession to anyone stumbling across this blog post expecting it to live up to the high quality output of the FM Community. It won’t. I am sorry.

My reasons:

  1. I’m not very good at Football Manager
  2. The version I last played was FM14 Handheld on ipad. (I went Rangers in the thrid division and I used a tactic I saw online verbatim)
  3. I’ve got a family and work so i don’t play much and write even less.

Good, glad to get that out the way.

Why write this at all? Why did I buy FM17? I was drawn back into the game by reading Iain Macintosh’s Everton CM01/02 Challenge on then following some of the other community pieces really whetted my appetite so I jumped in and I’ve not regretted it. In fact the wealth of information about the game has enhanced my enjoyment of playing FM17 to the levels I remember back in the early CM days where I’d have long term saves with my mates before network saves were even a thing – before the internet was even a thing!

This blog is about my journey save. I enjoyed Der FM’s youtube series – Die Reise – that I was soon itching to try an LLM save of my own. I also knew that I wanted it to be in my home country of Scotland. One of my fondest saves was with Queen’s Park whom I took to glory with some of my youth players helping Scotland win the World Cup despite the drawback of a) being managed by the AI and b) being Scotland. David Rennie was the star of club and country but I also hold a special place in my heart for goal machine Jerome Thomas. In fact that save ended when I followed Thomas to Tottenham Hotspur – a decision I regretted after a few months and that saw the game peter out. That might have been my last truly good save on FM. Until now baby!!

So Scotland is the country, lower league is the aim. But who to go?

I was looking for a club who:

  • Had history
  • Had potential
  • Would offer a challenge

Despite this being a journeyman save I still hold a romantic notion of turning round a sleeping giant but Scotland’s giants are not sleeping – they are all in the top two leagues and I want lower than Championship.

My A-Z Shortlist and reasons for choosing:

  • Airdrie (League 1) – my Uncle was a fan of Airdrieonians; the Excelsior Stadium holds over 10,000; plenty of local rivals Albion Rovers, Motherwell, Hamilton(at a push). Decent option.
  • Clyde (League 2) – my local-ish team; Broadwood (Cap 8000) is a modern stadium with growth potential; large potential local fan-base; Great nickname – The Bully Wee; great history; Wee Craig Broon!
  • Edinburgh City (League 2) – new to the league; 16000 Meadowbank Stadium – plenty of potential there; challenge to establish a new order in the capital.
  • Queen’s Park (League 1)  – a reprise of the glory years – see above; grand history;  fantastic success in late 19th Century; Hampden park; Hard-coded Amateurs not so good.
  • Stirling Albion (League 2)  – large population base to itself; not been in top flight since 1967/68 season; smallish stadium, Forthbank – cap 3000.

Tough choice but I think i’d prefer to start at the bottom of the league to make our rise more triumphant.

Welcome to Clyde Football Club and my Scottish Journey

Move over Broon, there’s a new man in toon


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